Patent the Pyramids?

The world of copyright is a complex one, one that I’m not game to jump into in this post. If you’re interested, I wrote a brief post about copyright, patents, and trademarks here.

While doing some research for this week’s topic I stumbled upon an interesting patent filed by Daniel Dudek and Pamela Heard in 2002 and decided to make a quick video on it which you can find below.

A resource I found particularly helpful this week is Chapter 1 of Boldrin and Levine’s Against Intellectual Monopoly (there are some clear and concise definitions of copyright, patents, and trademarks on page 7 which you should check out).




2 thoughts on “Patent the Pyramids?

  1. Hi Matt, I really enjoyed reading your blog post. It was really informative and interesting to read. Although I didn’t understand why you sectioned half of the blog in another tab and maybe link page 7 onto the blog post! The video was made really well and refreshing to watch!

    • Hey, thanks for the feedback,
      Fixed up the link so it links directly to page 7 now, thanks for pointing that out. Not totally sure what you mean by the post being in two different tabs though.

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